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Wordpress Website is being redirected to another link

I created a website on WordPress on the domain "" and then I uploaded the files and database to another domain "" and also I put the URL correctly in the database.

But still when I open "" it is redirected to the previous domain ""

Help me with it.

database wp_option SS even user URL is correct.

Tried removing the wordpress installation from Cpanel. And I re-installed it and created again but it is being redirected again.

2023-01-22 00:15:04
I think you should change URL in .htaccess.
Answers(1) :

You may have to configure the DNS setting. I have never used WordPress as a host but have used other hosts and tried doing similar stuff eventually, I just contacted the host support, and they walked me through changing a bunch of DNS values. Not sure of your exact situation with WordPress, but I would just contact them and see if they can help.