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WordPress auto-fill PDF

I have a WordPress website and I also have a PDF with editable fields. I want to have a page on the website which contains a form with entries corresponding to the editable fields in the PDF document. On submit, I want to create a copy of the original PDF with the editable fields filled with the data introduced by the user, and this copy to be sent automatically via email. The document would also require a signature from the user. Is there any way to achieve (at least part of) that (i.e. wp-plugin)?

TLDR: I need my users to fill and sign a PDF document by filling a website form, and the final document to be sent via email.

2023-01-25 00:15:04
Whoa. There is too much here expect an answer. This is more like 40 different questions. PDF authoring is difficult enough and you want to throw digital signatures on top of that. All done in WordPress too. You make no mention of any libraries you intend to use, licenses you've acquired, security, etc. This would not be quick or easy for even a senior developer.
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