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Wordpress - Internal Error Server (save product)

I have a Wordpress website with Asska Theme template. For some time now, when uploading products to the store / browsing the page / saving changes to the product content, there is a common Internal Server Error. Unfortunately, I do not know where to look for a solution - the logs themselves do not tell me anything, the server has the template requirements set and even more.

I disabled plugins to see if anything would speed up navigating the admin panel itself, but I didn't feel any difference even with limited plugins.

Do you have ideas? The website works normally (currently only password protected in htaccess so that there is no view), but it's so hard to add anything to it that I don't want to work

Plugin exclusions, optimization, changes to server settings

2023-01-24 00:15:03
"when uploading". Do you have a sync program? or do you mean creating manually? What exactly the logs are showing? is your theme updated?. "limited plugins? please disabled all other plugins, leave only WC active.
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