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White Space issue around "Sign in with Google" Button and "One Tap" Popup

I am using the new google sign in button and one tap login in angular. Currently, I am using a library @abacritt/angularx-social-login. I tried directly using the /gsi/client script and this one also gave the same result only. Atatching image for reference.


I tried disabling all styles on my application. but nothing changed. When I directly inspect the button/popup and apply some color to body of the dynamically generated iframe, the colors are changing. no other colors are affected.

below is my html setup according to library docs.

<asl-google-signin-button GoogleSigninButtonDirective type='standard' size="large" width="320"

below is app module.

      provide: 'SocialAuthServiceConfig',
      useValue: {        
        autoLogin: false,
        providers: [
            id: GoogleLoginProvider.PROVIDER_ID,
            provider: new GoogleLoginProvider(
        onError: (err) => {
      } as SocialAuthServiceConfig,

The issue seems that not related to this specific package because I tried without using any package and gave same results.

2023-01-24 20:42:02
Could you inspect the HTML within the chrome developer tools and check whether there's a background style being applied? That would be a great way to both debug these type of issues in the future and to provide more insight to the person attempting to answer.
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