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Update laravel config file permanently through a dedicated view

I created a Laravel application with a view which is a form that contains some input fields populated by a laravel configuration file "config.options".

I want to update this file through this particular view, I am talking about a standard php file in config folder, not database stuffs.

To do this, in my controller I have an update method like this


    namespace App\Http\Controllers;
    use Illuminate\Http\Request;
    /*VarExporter is just a library to beautify parsed arrays instead of using var_export*/
    use Brick\VarExporter\VarExporter;
    class SettingsController extends Controller
     public function update(Request $request){
            $values = $request->validate([
                "support_mail" => ['required', 'email:rfc,dns'],
                "api_endpoint" => ['required','URL']
            $config = (object) config('options');
            $config->support_mail = $request->support_mail;
            $config->api_endpoint= $request->api_endpoint;
            $newConfig = VarExporter::export(
                             (array) $config,
                             VarExporter::INLINE_SCALAR_LIST | VarExporter::ADD_RETURN
            if( \File::put(base_path() . '/config/options.php', "<?php\n\n". $newConfig) ) {
                return back()->with('message', 'Settings updated');

What I am doing here is:

  1. Recall the configuration as an object into $newConfig variable
  2. Update the requested values into $newConfig
  3. Write the configuration file with the new configuration
  4. Clear the configuration cache
  5. Turn back with succesfull message.

This is simply working, no doubt about this, problem is that when I turn back in the view after successfull submit, the input fields are not updated, but if I wait 2 seconds and refresh the page the configuration looks updated. So I tried to sleep 2 seconds

return back()->with('message', 'Settings updated');

before returning and fields are updated, is like when I refresh the cache it takes some time to update the configuration, or at least more then the time that it takes to refresh the page.

I really tried everything but I cannot find a way out, obviosly I know that I can do this through database, but I want to understand how to do this in this way just for educational purposes. I'm supposing that I have to do a sort of loop every second to check if the configuration cache is clear and then turn back, but I cannot understand where is the configuration cache stored, because framework/cache/data looks empty

2023-01-17 18:34:57
Did you try using route() helper for redirect instead of back() method.
2023-01-17 18:34:57
@ErkanÖzkök yes it's the same even with redirect, I can clearly see config file updated in vscode but it takes around 2 seconds to show the input fields updated
2023-01-17 18:34:57
Can you add before return Artisan::call('config:clear'); instead of sleep
2023-01-17 18:34:57
@ErkanÖzkök if you check the code it is already in
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