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Turn my stacked bar chart into a 100% stacked bar chart

I currently have a stacked bar chart for brewers. There are 6 brewers. It is good to understand the volume but I want to highlight in my analysis that some of the brewers are being used more than others. To do so I need to turn my bar chart in to 100% stacked bar.

What it currently looks like

I want it so that each of these bars y-axis is always 100.

The code I have at the moment is:

`def brewer_number_bar(location):

brewer_df_filtered = brewer_df[(brewer_df['Location Name'].isin(location))]

traces = []
for brewer in brewer_df['Menu Item Name'].unique():
    brewer_df_by_brewer = brewer_df_filtered[brewer_df_filtered['Menu Item Name']==brewer]
        x = brewer_df_by_brewer['Business Date'],
        y = brewer_df_by_brewer['Sales Count'],
return {'data': traces,
        'layout': go.Layout(title='Brewer Volume',
                           xaxis={'title': 'Date', 'categoryorder': 'total descending'},
                           yaxis={'title': 'Brewer Numbers Used'},

I have tried to take brewer_df_by_brewer['Sales Count'] / brewer_df_by_brewer['Sales Count'].sum() and created a new trace for each but as I also have location in there it has not worked.

2023-01-22 00:30:19
can we see a sample of brewer_df? you can copy and paste the output from brewer_df.head().to_dict() into your question
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