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push to other repo with github action?

I have several repos that depend on 1 lib repo. For now I'm doing a manual version bump. I can't imagine have to bump to multiple repos in the future when I have more and more repo that depends on my lib.

How can I push to other repos (develop branch), in github action? I did my research, it seems like it only doable in my lib repo, not others.

Answers(1) :

To push to another repo first you need to clone it. You can do this with the actions/checkout action. Use the repository input to specify the external repo to clone. Additionally, you will need to provide a token or ssh-key input to be able to push back to the repo (and to clone if it a private repo).

It sounds like you also need to push to a specific non-default branch, so you'll want to specify a ref input to checkout the needed branch.

Then, as the next step you can use run to run the commands needed to bump your version and then git add/commit/push to update the repos.