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Laravel filament, is there any way to mutate TextColumn value in table?

How to get only one value in the filament table for with hasMany relationship?

I have two DB tables:


id sku
1 SKU_1
2 SKU_2


id product_id translation_id name
1 1 1 Opel
2 1 2 Vauxhall

In my Product model I have hasMany relationship

public function productDescriptions(): HasMany
   return $this->hasMany(ProductDescription::class);

When I do Tables\Columns\TextColumn::make('') it return all values separated by comma. In my example "Opel, Vauxhall"

Is there any way to manipulate/mutate return value using callback? Let say, return only first value "Opel"?

Answers(1) :

You can use calculated states.

   ->getStateUsing( function (Model $record){
      return $record->productDescriptions()->first()?->name;