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Is there CSS elements that block hyphens from working?

I've been looking into it and can't figure it out. In my page, the hyphens that are on a *{} selector work in most places, just not the titles. And I verified, nothing comes up that undoes the *{} selector

I'm trying to figure out; is there something that blocks hyphens from working? Like how a sticky wont work if anything the sticky is over has an overflow property?

2023-01-24 00:20:02
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Answers(1) :

There was a discussion on SO about this these days: The words "Navigation" and "Databases" in your h1 are not hyphenated because they start with a capital letter, which most browsers apparently interpret as not-to-be-hyphenated nouns.

You might want to spell them as "navigation" and "databases", wrap <span> tags around those and apply text-transform: capitalizeto those, either in a dedicated class or in style attributes. Or you use soft hyphens (&shy;) in those words.