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Install PGAdmin4 on Ubuntu

I'm from Iran and i need to install PGAdmin4 for my Ubuntu. To be honest i spent 12 hours time to install this application but after this i realized that the packets coming from server are disable due to internet restrictions from government. is there a way for me to install it ?

the issue is raised when i trying to run this command :

sudo sh -c 'echo "deb [signed-by=/usr/share/keyrings/packages-pgadmin-org.gpg]$(lsb_release -cs) pgadmin4 main" > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/pgadmin4.list && apt update'

the command line is waiting for receive a response but didn't get it. I installed Postgres but i can't install PGAdmin4.

can anyone help me out ??? thanks a lot for your comments.

I try to install PGAdmin4 but i couldn't do that. please help me... thanks

2023-01-07 20:30:28
1) You could try the alternative download options from here pgAdmin4 download, though I suspect you may get blocked on these also. 2) Why do you need pgAdmin4? I use the Postgres command client psql pretty much exclusivity for managing Postgres.
2023-01-07 20:30:28
first I need to show my project to some idiot people , i said i live in iran and most people in here have no any knowledge about linux or server and things like that but second, sorry to disappoint you, i copied these commands before and faced above problem
2023-01-07 20:30:28
The commands you show are for the APT method of installing pgAdmin. The link I posted has many more ways to get and install pgAdmin4, including downloading the source and building from it. I can't help anymore then that as I am outside Iran and don't face your restrictions.
2023-01-07 20:30:28
thanks bro, we were get used to error like that, sanctions , filtering, low speed, these are our normal day :))
2023-01-07 20:30:28
FYI, pgAdmin4 is just a GUI client for Postgres. There are other programs that do the same thing, you may have better luck with them.
2023-01-07 20:30:28
thanks alot bro, in persian word : پیروز و موفق باشی
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