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IIS URL Rewrite for NX Angular Monorepo

I have a structure of projects created with nx and angular and they work without any problem.

enter image description here

I work with windows servers and use IIS, everything works correctly up to a certain point since I had to configure the iis as follows

enter image description here

Each route enters a module other than a default route (each route has the same structure) and everything works fine up to here, the problem occurs until I try to enter query params and I can't get the url to open the angular route to which I want to reach directly. I have already tried localhost and the redirection works perfectly, I just think it is a problem with the web config and the route mapping.

if I enter the path:

I get

I have already tried to create a rule before "IT Route" that specifically reads the url with parameters but they all show a not found error

2023-01-20 17:42:03
You can help yourself by enabling FRT to learn more about the errors,‌​…
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