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I keep getting an error in Vite version 3.2.4 which says `[vite:esbuild] The service is no longer running: write EPIPE`

After creating a vite app. I run the command npm run dev and I get this error

[vite:esbuild] The service is no longer running: write EPIPE

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Please, How do I solve this error.

I have tried the following solutions

Vite build fails with esbuild error

error while transforming /app/client/vite.config.ts with esbuild in Docker image

Answers(2) :

I found a solution to my problem. If you have an anti-virus, you need to uninstall it.

I myself, I had to uninstall SMADAV anti-virus.

Turn off your Antivirus Software

Disable your antivirus software then go ahead and run:

npm run dev