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How to use the graphic card of my PC on VMware?

I want to run WarZone 2.0 on a VM using VMware but when I'm launching it I have this message : "No compatible DXGI adapter"

So I look at the GPU on my VM and it's the "VMwae SVG 3D" (instead of "Nvidia GTX 1660 Ti").

To be simple, I just want to use my GPU on my VM to run WarZone 2.0.

I tried to turn-off my GPU and turn it on after have turned on the VM, set the preferences on the Nvidia Geoforce Pannel... but nothing works.

I also check "accelerate 3D Graphics", but it doesn't works too.

I would be very very greatfull if someone will help me to solve this problems.

I saw that I can "passthrough" my GPU, but I didn't know how.

2023-01-21 00:00:08
This probably belongs at since it is not a development question. Did you install the VMWare tools? Did you google "play warzone in VM"? VM software has more limited GPU support so this might not be possible.
2023-01-21 00:00:08
Yes, I've installed VMWare tools and more generally I want to be able to run others softwares on my VM. The fact is that my VM isn't using my GPU
2023-01-21 00:00:08
My quick search found links saying passthrough was available for Server not Workstation. Did your search find something saying it can be done for Workstation? If yes, read those links.
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