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How to remove the responsive code from the Twenty Twelve theme

I have been looking all over for a answer on this but i cant find one. I know for twenty eleven it was as simple as removing some css. But i cant for the life of me figure out how to make the twenty twelve theme in wordpress 3.5 non responsive. Anyone know how ?

2023-01-07 20:29:25
Can you please explain, why you want it out? I can't think of a reason.
Answers(3) :

The responsiveness of the theme is localized in the media queries.

Open the style.css file, and look for

 /* =Media queries
 -------------------------------------------------------------- */

Simply delete all the lines until

/* =Print

And it should remove the responsive functions of the theme

2023-01-07 20:29:25
i did that there is more too it this time
2023-01-07 20:29:25
What do you want exactly to remove ? If you don't want your site to adapt himself to the device, you should replace all rem or % by px in style.css. But that will be painfull :p

Rather than backwards engineer twentytwelve, you could choose the styles that you like from it and apply them to 2011 as a child theme.

simply remove all the code related to media queries.