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How to remove the Linux icon despite the Docker application

A while ago, I downloaded the Docker program, but I did not use it, so I deleted it, but since that day my device started slowing down and this icon appeared. I thought that the reason was Docker because it produced a hyper-v problem that disabled my Virgoal Box. Do you have any previous experience?

This icon has no properties enter image description here

2023-01-18 00:00:08
have you solved it yet?
Answers(1) :

I had the same issue and fixed it by the following steps;

Open PowerShell and type;

wsl --unregister docker-desktop-data

wsl --unregister docker-desktop

(This removed the two data icons)

Then to remove the Linux Icon -> Open Settings -> Control Panel -> Programs and Features ->

(Top Left) Turn Windows features on or off...

Untick Windows Subsystem for Linux

This will force a reboot and the icon is then gone