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how to remove the dist file from vue?

I already build and receive the 'dist' file from Vue but Now I want to delete the 'dist' file so I can make some change in my website and then re-build it again but when I right click and delete the 'dist' file it said it need my permission to delete it, but I don't know how

2023-01-20 23:20:10
How did you build the "dist" file?
2023-01-20 23:20:10
With Npm run build
2023-01-20 23:20:10
It's unknown where exactly you ran the command and under which user. This is the problem for as it deals with regular OS specific things. Depending on your setup (which is unknown) you may not need to remove dist because it will be cleaned on next build. The question is not constructive in its current form, see
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