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how to display MUI Select selected option different from how the MenuItem are displayed

Trying to seperate how the MUI label value is displayed from the selection list items.

when a value is selected: select is displayed like this: enter image description here

When the select input is clicked, the list is: enter image description here

now I want to to change the default display of when an item is selected: 1st image. to simply display a label. I don't want to be based on : the button should not be displayed. I don't know how to do this, searched and couldn't find a solution.

the code:

<FormControl ...>
        <InputLabel htmlFor = "select-device-group">
            Device Group
            value = {props.deviceGroup.selected} label={}
            onChange = {props.selectDeviceGroup}
            input = {<Input id = "select-device-group"/>}>
            { => {
                return <MenuItem key = {} value = {device} component='div'>
                    <div className='container p-0'>
                        <div className='row'>
                            <div className='col align-self-center'>
                            <div className='col'>
                        title = {}
                        onClick = {...}
            <span ...>
              <SVG .../>
2023-01-17 00:47:30
So you don't want to show the Select button once the user selects one option. And you want to show the selected option as a label? Is that right?
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