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How to disable suggestion while typing in powershell

While executing commands in PowerShell it's automatically suggesting texts

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How can I disable these suggestions and also in future if I want to enable the suggestions how can I do it?

Answers(1) :

Use the Set-PSReadLineOption cmdlet:

To disable all suggestions:

Set-PSReadLineOption -PredictionSource None

Enabling offers several options, depending on what source(s) should be used for completions: History, Plugin, or HistoryAndPlugin (the default).

See this blog post for details.


  • Perhaps surprisingly, the cmdlets that configure the behavior of the PSReadLine module, such as Set-PSReadLineOption, do not do so persistently - they only affect the session at hand.

  • Therefore, in order to make (what are effectively) persistent configuration changes, place the command above in your $PROFILE file.

    • Note: Said file does not exist by default; to create it (and its parent directory) on demand, use the following command:

      if (-not (Test-Path $PROFILE)) { $null = New-Item -Force $PROFILE }
    • Once you've ensured its existence, to open it for editing it in your system's default text editor, so you can add the desired command(s), call:

      Invoke-Item $PROFILE
    • Changes to your $PROFILE file take effect in future sessions (except in those sessions explicitly started without profiles, using the CLI's -NoProfile switch).

2023-01-24 00:00:13
My pleasure, @devp. I've updated the answer based on your comment.