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How do you handle click-outside of element properly in vuejs?

Is there any proper solution for handling click-outside of elements?

there are general solutions out there, like Handling clicks outside an element without jquery :

window.onload = function() {

    // For clicks inside the element
    document.getElementById('myElement').onclick = function(e) {
            // Make sure the event doesn't bubble from your element
        if (e) { e.stopPropagation(); } 
        else { window.event.cancelBubble = true; }
            // Place the code for this element here
        alert('this was a click inside');

    // For clicks elsewhere on the page
    document.onclick = function() {
        alert('this was a click outside');

But the problem is almost all projects have multiple and different popups in different components which i should handle their click-outsides.

how should i handle click-outisde without using a global window.on?(I think it is not possible to put all components outside-case handler in window.on )

2023-01-19 23:20:11
2023-01-19 23:20:11
Something for Vue 3 + Composition API - (from fantastic "utility" library VueUse)
Answers(3) :

After struggling with this and searching about this, i found how to solve this problem using vuejs directive without bleeding:

1. using libraries:

v-click-outside is a good one,

2. without a library:

import '@/directives';

// directives.js
import Vue from "vue";
Vue.directive('click-outside', {
  bind: function (element, binding, vnode) {
    element.clickOutsideEvent = function (event) {  //  check that click was outside the el and his children
      if (!(element === || element.contains( { // and if it did, call method provided in attribute value
        // binding.value(); run the arg
    document.body.addEventListener('click', element.clickOutsideEvent)
  unbind: function (element) {
    document.body.removeEventListener('click', element.clickOutsideEvent)

use it every-where you want with v-click-outside directive like below:

 <div class="profileQuickAction col-lg-4 col-md-12" v-click-outside="hidePopUps">

you can check this on

2023-01-19 23:20:11
How does the method 2 works with iframes?

You can also directly use VueUse vOnClickOUtside directive.

<script setup lang="ts">
import { vOnClickOutside } from '@vueuse/components'
const modal = ref(true)
function closeModal() {
  modal.value = false

  <div v-if="modal" v-on-click-outside="closeModal">
    Hello World

It might be little late but i ve found a clear solution

<button class="m-search-btn" @click="checkSearch" v-bind:class="{'m-nav-active':search === true}">

  var clicked =; = !;
  var that = this;
  window.addEventListener('click',function check(e){
    if (clicked === ||'.search-input')){ //I ve used target closest to protect the input that has search bar in it = true;
    }else { = false;