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How do i create a form that updates when users fill in their own data

So for my website i was wondering if anyone could maybe help me figuring out how to do this, I saw it on a competitors website and it's a form with on the left side a few user inputs, and the right side outputs this into a pre made "document" which is a preview on how it would look. This would look really cool if i could add it into the website aswell, and if people could download said file.

I'm willing to pay if thats neccesary for someone to help me make this <3

Link below for reference on how it should work.


I tried to understand the code with inspect element, however there are a lot of plugins being used which i cant figure out are neccesary for this specific bit of code, or just to run the site in general and have this form sent to the mail of the user

I am eager to learn a coding language if someone could point me out a correct one to tackle this issue. No need for this to be done asap, and if i could learn a thing or two out of it thats even better

2023-01-21 23:10:10
For stackoverflow you will need to program something yourself first, and put your code in the question. If you're willing to pay you could head over to
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So the site that you have linked is build with WordPress and the Elementor plugin

If you want to start building such a site on your own then u have 2 options.

option 1: you do the same as what the website did. Easily learn how to use WordPress with youtube tutorials.

option 2: you start learning html, css and js so you can start building your own website with your own design. I recommend using W3Schools for starting.

2023-01-21 23:10:10
Thank you for this quick answer, never had i imagined the solution to be so easy. I'll look into wordpress and if thats worth my time, but i'll also go to W3Schools and see what i can learn from there