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Getting Class Rap2hpoutre LaravelLogViewerServiceProvider not found error in a school management software

I'm trying to use Unifiedtransform a school management software in Github. I got this error Class 'Rap2hpoutre\LaravelLogViewer\LaravelLogViewerServiceProvider' not found while trying to run composer install --no-dev.

How to fix this error?

Answers(2) :

I had the same error message while running a migration on a laravel project I cloned from GitHub.

error message

I discovered that this file is part of the package rap2hpoutre/laravel-log-viewer. Please go to their download page to download this composer package.

You can also run the command below:

composer require rap2hpoutre/laravel-log-viewer

to solve the problem

Class "Rap2hpoutre\LaravelLogViewer\LaravelLogViewerServiceProvider" not found

you try add in app dir. in providers dir in a, class LaravelLogViewerServiceProvider extends ServiceProvider like this.done

2023-01-17 18:39:20
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