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Fetch stripe Credit Card image / icon url api?

Is there any API to get the credit card(Visa, Mastercard, etc..) icon/image.

    $customerCards = \Stripe\Customer::allSources(
        ['object' => 'card', 'limit' => 3]

But in response, I am not getting any URL for icon/image.

Is there any specific API to get that URLs?

2023-01-17 23:20:14
i used local png for that Stripe has supported cards list u can download and show them base upon card type
Answers(2) :

Based on Stripe Official documentation

If you want to display the logo(s) of accepted types of cards on your website:

You can find official images provided by Mastercard, Discover, American Express, and Visa.

Dreamstale provides a high-quality collection of payment method vector icons that you can use at no cost in personal and commercial projects.

IconShock also provides logos on their website for use.

Update in 2023:

The provided methods in Stripe are outdated. Yes, you can still find official images provided by Mastercard, etc. but the links in Dreamstale and Iconshock just lead to broken pages.

Eventually I found this article in Google, some of the payment methods are still not included, but is good enough to save a lot of my time to google and download one by one. Hope it helps.