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does anyone use vue and eslint?

I decided to learn Vue and, after a few hours, I kept encountering errors and warnings from ESLint, which frustrated me greatly.

I decided to rebuild the project without ESLint and found that Vue was much better for me. In my research, I found some posts that said VSCode and ESLint were not working well together. What is the cause of these errors and warnings? It seems as though ESLint wants me to constantly use the "--fix" command and have zero empty spaces or line breaks in my code. Is there anyone who can actually use ESLint and save time? If so, why?

2023-01-18 23:20:05
The question is not constructive, see . ESLint is supposed to maintain code style and JS practices it was configured to. It's a part of a common setup, Vue or not. There are no general problems with the support from IDEs, if you have any, consider addressing them. If you don't understand what kind of style it enforces or want to change it, you may want to invest into learning it.
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