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Creating Wordpress pages using sql

I'm inserting pages into wp_posts table using sql. But new pages are not displayed on the site until I go through the wp-console to edit the page and click "update" button. Tell me what other tables I need to edit so that the added pages are immediately visible?

Answers(1) :

There are several other WordPress database tables that you may need to update in order for the pages to be immediately visible on your site if that's how you are doing it , based on what you are doing .

wp_postmeta: This table contains additional metadata for your posts, such as custom fields. You will need to insert the appropriate metadata for your new pages in this table.

wp_term_relationships: This table links posts to categories and tags. If your new pages are assigned to any categories or tags, you will need to insert the appropriate relationships into this table.

wp_term_taxonomy: This table contains the definitions for categories and tags. If you are using new categories or tags for your new pages, you will need to insert the appropriate definitions into this table. wp_comments: If you want to show comments on your new pages, you should insert comments into this table.

wp_options: This table contains various site-wide settings, including the list of pages that are included in the navigation menu. If your new pages should be included in the navigation menu, you will need to update the appropriate option in this table.