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Concentric Circle Clock - Javascript and SVG and Tagging

I've been looking for a framework to create a concentric circle clock that tracks when stock exchanges session open/close times. I found concentrichron but it's associated website is inaccessible. Included is a twitter link that has a code snippet of the javascript which I got to work. It also references but in less detail using an SVG file and tagging. If someone would be willing to give me a little more detail on the steps involved with that process that would get me past this crux. The end goal is to have as part of the image, bands that are labeled and matched to the respective concentric circles.Concentrichron Tweet with code snippet

enter image description here

I did a screenshot of the javascript but it in google translate and hacked through proofreading syntax line by line until the javascript ran. I then got stuck with the SVG & tagging instructions.

enter image description here

2023-01-20 00:10:09
"a code snippet of the javascript which I got to work" Would it be possible for you to provide a Stack Snippet? Note: Stack Snippets are preferred over links to external repros for reasons explained in How to Ask.
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