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AWS LightSail domain not working with www.subdomain

I have an NGINX ubuntu server hosted on AWS LightSail. it correctly resolves with http(s):// domain names, but will not work with

I have tried setting an A type record pointed at the IP and a CNAME record pointing at the subdomain -> following this documentation (as well as just CNAME)

I have tried setting the A record to www pointing to the IP. -> using this documentation

I don't get any errors, looking in my NGINX logs there is nothing so the DNS is not resolving the name as far as I can tell.

I have heard conflicting information on how long it take this record to show up.

I am wondering if I need to go back into the server to make changes to the configuration file. I know that when I request the SSL certificate I only used the non www domain because of issues getting the www one running at that point.

anyway, help is always appreciated!

Answers(1) :

Same issue happened to me. I was trying to create new A and CNAME records in Route 53 in hosted zone. But heres how i resolved it: Go to Lightsail. Domains and DNS. Select your Domain Name. Go to advanced and create a new A record point to your static IP address.