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Angular DatePipe

I want to display date and time in html like this:

19 Jan 2023. at 14:15

I am using this DatePipe:

{{order.updatedAt | date: 'dd MMM, y. h:mm a'}}

When I place "at" like this: {{order.updatedAt | date: 'dd MMM, y. at h:mm a'}}, I am given this result:

enter image description here

Can you help me guys how to solve this problem? In documentation, I don't find any DatePipe which suits me.

2023-01-19 13:42:03
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Answers(2) :

You can add your own text (which is not part of the format) by using something like

{{order.updatedAt | date: "dd MMM, y. 'at' h:mm a"}}

I think you need to write two pipe line code.

{{order.updatedAt | date: 'dd MMM, y.'}} at {{order.updatedAt | date: 'h:mm a'}}