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Angular + spring learning

I'm a rather experienced developer (8 years in java, alongs with few ones in various front technologies). For learning purposes, I want develop a really common and simple application with followings:

  • Front end with Angular (at least v14+)
  • Back in Java (v17+) with Spring ecosystem (at least sprint boog 2.7+)

The goal would just be to get a sign-in / sign-up application (not basic auth, something more "secured"), with users/pass stored securely in a database, and user's session management. My purpose is to learn angular, and thoose concepts I never practiced in my job (loggin feature, session...).

I easely found tutorials for separates parts. Angular, Spring boot basics, Spring security, using DB with Spring...

But i'm completely stuck finding learner friendly tutorials or code samples with each of this parts together. I either ends up on out-dated things (for example use deprecated Spring's security classes), or on tutorials that doesn't fits all my needs with unfriendly parts.

An example from spring's site : ==> I tried it but stopped because there are anoying parts like :

  • It say we need to install docker with a VM, but doesn't explain how to do so
  • It seems it doesn't cover things like "creating and storing users in DB"
  • Many problems happend we following it (for example CORS between Angular and Spring that is not really covered, which took me weeks to resolve alone).

So would you know some recent and decent tutorials/code example that would be help me in my learning journey ? By recent I mean for example: ok angular 15 was release recently, but if it contains angular 14 in tutorial it's perfect.

Thank you, and hope someone will save me.

Answers(1) :

You can find valuable courses and videos about spring boot and angular here