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ag-grid's last column getting out from the table with mat-tab-group

As you can see i don't know how or why the last column from my ag-grid stays out while I use mat-tab-group,

enter image description here

enter image description here

I tried many things but nothing has worked. Any ideas are welcome :)

Answers(1) :

It's difficult to say exactly what the problem is without more information about your code and the specific behavior you're seeing. However, some potential issues could include:

.There may be a conflict between the CSS styles applied to the ag-grid and the mat-tab-group. This could cause one or the other to not display properly .The ag-grid or mat-tab-group may be improperly configured. Double-checking the configuration options and ensuring they are set up correctly could help .There could be a problem with the layout of your HTML. Make sure that the ag-grid and mat-tab-group are properly nested within their parent elements .There may be a problem with the data or data bindings being used in the grid. Verify that the data is being loaded correctly and that the bindings are set up correctly.

It is also helpful to include more details about your implementation such as version of Angular and Material, and any error message you encountered.

2023-01-17 18:42:12
Thanks for answering! I'm using angular 12 and it doesn't appear any error message. The thing is that the 2 ag-grids load the data correctly and shows all ordered but when I add mat-tab tags its get crazy.
2023-01-17 18:42:13
A possible solution would be to upgrade or downgrade the version of the ag-grid or Angular Material to ensure compatibility. Another thing to check would be to make sure that the ag-grid and mat-tab-group are properly nested within their parent elements and that they are not conflicting with each other in terms of CSS styles or layout.